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Love it how they put the Magic Missle against The Darkness into Borderlands 2 ^^
great vid, take my 5 Stars :D

Damn, Im jealous like hell right now.

That's.... that's not exactly what I was expecting.
But I guess you were aiming for that anyway.

Not as good as most of your Flashes, but I loved it nontheless. The bit of selfcritisism in this makes it all the better.

Keep up your fantastic work. I watched you since your first submission and I will continue that until you or me is dead.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that is quite a declaration, hopefully neither of us expire for many moons.

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I liked this

I really liked this alot, it is a nice Gears of War remake!
Good plot, nice Graphics and also funny, like the totaly unproportional figures.
But as a huge Gears-Fan I´m afraid I can´t give you top-score, because of some things missing like Chainsaw-Duells and something like Active-Reload, for more damage.
Damn it, really got on my nervs when I was fighting two guys with the machinegun and they had shotguns, but were able too harm me more, and even were able to kill me, even though I were standing quite a distance away and shooting a full clip of some lead in their faces :D

But as I said before, I enjoyed this one alot.
I think I will show it to my friends and´ll have a talk what they think.
Thanks for giving me some stuff to discuss about ;)


Even if 100,000 people on newgrounds rate my review as "Useless", I for myself,
have to say that I enjoyed this parody of Kevin Bacon and Shift, more then the two Originals.
Maybe it was also, because the music made a really great fit to the Kevin Bacon in underwear, but nontheless I think many people here have no Idea what it takes to make a game like this, and should prove better then this before saying this is making Kevin Bacon turning over in his grave and stuff...

I played it until I got stuck and I wasnt teleporting, or raped by giant Bacon Strips!
Also this whole Kevin Bacon submissions are a huge joke SO whatever!

You get 8/10 for the effort and the music
not 10/10 because its to small, I would have liked a bigger Bacon or having it in a bigger screen.
Also, because I could not get away by turning the screen and a box was dropping.

But all in all, cheers!

fortunacus responds:

I love kevin bacoon too

Not everyones chosen

I really enjoyed this game,
I loved the 8-Bit Music, the Perks and that it is harder to get good shots!
Not like in "Toss the Turtle" where you are shooting a few times and buy yourself a golden Canon and stuff.
Here you really have to stick to the game. That quite challanging, that´s my opinion.
As you learn Kung-Fu you cant just start after one day.
You have to train your body to get the best Skills, just like in this game.

I think this is a really well made game.
What is preventing me from giving a ten?
Well, the tutorial is IN the game and is like "click anywhere to ... oh woops there is the first businessman what the hell do I have to do?"
and I would have liked a few more skills for the Mad KarateMan
not only Kame-Hame-Hadouken and SoYuten (or something like that)
to keep the Business Man in midair.

Maybe we will see some more good thing in a second part?
I would enjoy it, so keep up your good work!

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I normaly don't like Dubstep. But this one.. i don't know why, or how, but it reaches certain inner parts of my subconciousnes, making it appealing to me.
Good Job on playing games with my mind!


Good Sir!

even MoneyBoy makes better music....
But at least, you tried -
my suggestions are
-more base
-some of the blurred sounds have to be a bit more pinched up
-a bit faster in every way, otherwise it gives me a more trance-like feeling.
and i dont like trance!

Try some of the advises you got by me and the other PortalUsers, so you may be able to do good song.

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I love your style, since it reminds me alot of all those great series that i watched as a kid (good times) :'-)

I also love the cameos.
My favourite is Monkey D. Luffy :D

thanks for some nostalgic feeling. you made my day, good Sir!

Molto Bené

This Picture is so well composed! I love it!
And the Ideas you put into it are nice details, like the discriped three eagles.
Also the colors fits the games surroundings.
Warm, Bright and perfectly for Italy; Firenze, Venezia and the Toscana!

I also like the Picture, because it looks like Ezio not only stands hiself above religion, also he is gathering many Assassins around him with the Apple of Eden, just like Ezios former Mentor.
Abit like Ezio has lost it and goes for World domination too :)

An overhelming Piece you made.
10/10 and my best wishes from Germany, Arvalis!

(EE: Oh my look at that nice little Idea. Look at the guy in the middle row left of the cross´ shaft. I think we all know this robe!)

I played it

And Picture and saying sums it up to the very end! :)
I love this picture just how I love the game, thats why I´m giving you 10/10

great expression on his face :D
keep it up!

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